Online Roulette, types

Online Roulette, types

Roulette Rules

Roulette has been played for several hundred years, and in the form in which we know it, we started playing it in Paris in the 18th century. Over time, the game has evolved and took a firm place in all modern casinos. Once the roulette wheel consisted of 31 sectors, and now it is 37 sectors in Europe and 38 in the United States, so your chances of winning depend on which side of the Atlantic you play.


The betting table is divided into two parts – internal and external, and on each of them you can make different types of bets.

The inner part is intended for bets on individual numbers or groups of up to 6 numbers located next to each other in the betting table.

The outer part is for betting on big or small numbers, odd or even, red or black (18 numbers each). Groups of 12 rooms (three “columns” and three “dozens”) are also available for betting here.

In addition, there are additional bets on groups of 7 to 17 rooms. They are placed on different segments of the wheel, but you can place your bets with a single click on the “rarestrake” – part of the roulette table, which shows the real wheel with the numbers in the same order as on the wheel, rather than in the order as in the table of bets.

Roulette varieties in online casino

Roulette varieties

Roulette – the most popular game of the gambling type. In recent years, there are many varieties of it, so you can quickly get confused. Despite the abundance of options, in fact there are only a few basic species from which all other varieties. These key types of roulette in the casino are described below.


This is one of the oldest varieties of this game, which, however, has not lost its popularity. It is from it other varieties have received their development. The French variant is characterized by the following:

  • This option does not use cash, only chips or special tokens that can be exchanged for money at a later date;
  • this roulette requires you to remember all types of bets very carefully, otherwise it will be extremely difficult to play. This is due to the fact that all the names are pronounced in French (in very rare cases, English terminology is used, which greatly facilitates the game);
  • when choosing a table, you should pay attention to the table of limits, it is this table that determines the minimum and maximum possible bets;
  • external and internal type bets are allowed to be placed by the players themselves, while the oral type can only be placed by the croupier after the player has made an announcement;
  • if the sector zero falls out, one of the two options comes up with bets on equal chances:
  • all of them shall be placed on the field until the next draw. If the zero sector falls out again or the bets lose, the income goes to the casino. If they win, the players get a refund without paying the winnings;
  • half of the stake is returned to the players.
  • French Roulette at the Casino


The European version of this game is similar to French, the main difference that pleases many players is that this version uses English terminology, which greatly facilitates the game, because this language is international. In other words, the rules are similar and the essence is to guess one of the 37 numbers. Features of this version of the game:

  • casino price tags are used;
  • payment of bets is made with the largest, not the smallest;
  • equal odds bets similar to French roulette: the first option with them – they are “locked” until the next draw and are lost if you lose or fall another zero. The second option – they are returned to the players at 50% value.
  • European roulette in the casino


American is close to the previous versions of the game and has similar principles. Of the individual features it is worth noting the following:

  • There are two zero numbers in this game: 0 and 00;
  • the general location of the rooms is slightly different from the previous versions of the game (French and European versions);
  • up to three croupiers may be at one table. The exact number depends on the total number of players at the selected table, i.e. the workload of the table. If there are several croupiers, they distribute the duties among themselves in an arbitrary order. The player only needs to know that the chips are exchanged only with the dealer who stands behind the wheel;
  • price chips are not used for the game, for bets are used special tokens of different colors. In the game each player at the table will have its own color tokens;
  • there are no bets of oral type in American roulette;
  • the players make bets on the field of play on their own, the croupier may do it instead at their personal request. Or the croupier may intervene in the process if a player performs incorrect actions;
  • tokens are collected by hands while in other kinds of game the collection is carried out by means of a special blade because of which the game is essentially slower;
  • payments are made from the lowest rate and further on increase.
  • American roulette in the casino
  • In American Roulette there are two sectors “0” and “00”.

Now you know the main types of roulette, which are popular in casinos, as well as some of their features. In fact, there are a lot more varieties in the world, but all of them are based on one of these three, and follow common principles.

Types of roulette online

In addition to the main types of roulette, there are other, less known varieties with a mass of bonuses and advantages. These include:

  • additional cells that increase the rate to × 500 – Mystery Roulette × 38 (presented by the developer Novomatic);
  • unusual slots, when hitting the ball on which you can play an additional game on the bonus system Triple Bonus Spin and Double Bonuspin (implemented by ITG);
  • thematic roulette with a cell for the bonus game, for example, based on Marvel Roulette comics (from the creator Playtech).
Online Roulette
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