Blackjack players’ shiks, tips for the right game

According to Blackjack theory, whole books are written, and in one article it is impossible to give recommendations that will turn a beginner into a professional who regularly makes a profit. But ignoring the following tips in the shortest possible time will lead to the loss of the whole bankroll.

In Blackjack, as in any other gambling game, there are certain rules that it is desirable to follow in order to defeat your opponents. After all, in another case, the chances of winning an online casino will be simply miserable. In addition, it is very important to avoid popular mistakes in this game. What are the most common mistakes made by blackjack players? For your convenience, we have collected them in this article.

Don’t follow the cards

Don't follow the cards

Players who decide to just have fun playing blackjack often do not pay any attention to the types of cards on the table, as well as their total number. Yes, the vast majority of errors in this gambling fun happen because of the strong inattention of participants. So, if you do not pay attention to the ratio of small and large cards after each shuffle, you can simply forget about reasonable bets. Chances to win, as a rule, are determined in the first rounds. That’s why if at this stage you can see a lot of aces and a dozen, then you shouldn’t make big bets at once.

Play without knowing all the rules

All entertainment in the casino has rules. So before you start a certain game it is very important to know its official rules. The same goes for blackjack. When can I double it after splitting? Will the dealer stop at seventeen points or more? Is it possible to just give up in this case?

Play with shuffle machines

As a rule, such a machine contains five or four decks of cards. It collects the dropped cards from one or more rounds and systematically mixes them. Thus, the chances of winning the casino are increased and the player is reduced. Therefore in any case game with traditional shufflers for two or one deck is more preferable.

Place additional bets

Place additional bets

What are the other major errors when playing blackjack? Making additional bets, which cost only one dollar and can be of different types, is quite an attractive opportunity for beginner amateurs. However, it is important to understand that even if a player wins a number of additional bets, he will lose more. After all, the advantage in the game in this case is on the side of the gambling establishment. Since the additional bets, compared to the usual chances, do not cost much, the player feels tempted to continue betting, without paying attention to his losses.

In the end, the user loses all his money. This trick was invented solely to increase the profits of online casinos.

To believe that blackjack is a real team game

It may well seem to you that blackjack is such a card team game. That’s why everybody should work together at the table to be able to defeat the insidious dealer. To think in such a way is a dangerous mistake. Therefore, it is worth playing only according to the basic strategy.

Not to understand the difference in payments 3:2 and 6:5.

Often players simply do not see any difference between receiving a payout 6:5 or 3:2. Currently, online casinos offer a 6:5 payment in Blackjack with only one deck. The difficulty in playing the game with 6:5 payment is not just that you will get a little less money in this case. It also increases the chances of the institution by almost 1.5%. That is, it is desirable in any case to avoid such a game if you expect to win.

Fall into excitement

Fall into excitement

If we talk about the main mistakes when playing blackjack, we can’t help but mentioning too much and uncontrolled gambling. Individual players, whose attention is fully absorbed by the atmosphere of a gambling establishment, flaunt the love of great risk. They put much more than they can afford, and play only because they came here for the game, not for the winnings. You can win a card game of blackjack, but for this it is important to remember what you are playing for. It is not worth playing just for the impression of other players.

At the beginning of the game you should keep your own bets on the minimum. If you are lucky enough to win several bets in a row, you should not imagine yourself invincible. If all your money will be lost, it is important to deny yourself a trip to the ATM to continue the game. It is necessary to accept the fact that today is not your day.

And now a few tips for a beginner on the game itself:

Wrongly chosen casino

Different institutions vary the rules, which affects the probability of winning the client.

Increases the chances of the player:

  • maximum allowed number of respirates;
  • possibility to double the bet on any two cards;
  • a ban for the dealer to take on soft cards.

Decreases the chances:

  • Increases the number of decks in the shuzes;
  • a ban on surrender if the dealer has dozens or aces;
  • impossibility to play double after split.

By these criteria, you should choose a casino with the most loyal to the visitor conditions. And most importantly – do not even consider participating in the game, if the payment for Black Jack is less than 3:2 (some institutions practice 6 to 5, and this is what brings them the most serious advantage).

Avoid games using a random number sensor (almost all online offers). Reasons:

  • The unreality of controlling the device;
  • the uselessness of card counting.

Train for free. By joining an online casino you can play blackjack without a deposit, just for the sake of experience. This will allow you to test and improve your skills and invest real money only when you are confident in yourself.

Playing blackjack with a live dealer

Try not to make an insurance bet when the dealer has an Ace card open. The insurance rate has a negative expectation and makes sense only for professional blackjack players who count cards.

And finally, give preference to playing blackjack in a land casino or playing with a live dealer. When playing Blackjack with a live dealer, you will be able to track every step of the game. Do not surrender your fate to a soulless machine.

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