Dice in casinos

Dice in Casinos

What are Dice?

Dice are the basis of the game of sik bo or craps, so the choice of this seemingly simple object should be approached with all responsibility. You will not feel full pleasure from game if you use poor quality dice. And when it comes to gambling for money, here the use of inappropriate dice is tantamount to fraud.

Even in ancient times, gambling dice were made as works of art. Crystal, amber, peach bones and other improvised materials were used for making them. Nowadays, unpretentious plastic or wood is used.

Historically, the game of dice somehow did not take root in the post-Soviet space, so in our country can not produce beautiful and high-quality dice. In addition to aesthetic unattractiveness, these dice have an uneven seam. Often, the bones are produced fully square without rounded corners. Such bones do not roll and are not suitable for playing even in the circle of friends, not to mention gambling establishments.

Fortunately, in the modern age of high technology, high-quality bones, made by European technologies, can be purchased through the Internet, will deliver them directly to your home. My old friend once had a chance to buy collectible bones at a similar price. So I think, if you look well, you can find what you need, and at a very low price.

The good dice for casino games are always handmade in strict accordance with the standards. The error is no more than 0.0013cm. Such dice are quite expensive and a simple player does not need them, unless you are an aesthete or owner of a private gambling house.

For home use, ordinary bones with rounded corners are enough

By the way, our idea of dice as hexagonal dice with dots is very limited. Fans of desktop warheims use hexagonal dice. And hardcore fans are familiar with dice with 10 or even 20 faces. In addition, on these faces instead of numbers there may be different designations, such as time of day (day, night) or year (winter, spring, summer, autumn), weather conditions (sun, rain), various runes and the like.

Etiquette when playing dice in a casino

Etiquette. Yes, nowhere without this simple French word. Imagine that in the game of dice there is also etiquette, and in this type of casino games it plays a primary role due to the extensive communication between the dealer and players.

Let me tell you about the rules of etiquette, which I know about myself. And you, if you remember something, will share it.

When buying chips, do not try to give the dealer cash in hand. Put the money in a specially allocated place on the table and ask to “just exchange” it. Also remember that the dealer is forbidden not only to take cash from your hands, but also to give the exchanged chips to your hands. Wait until the dealer exchanges money for chips, and take the proper stack from the table.

Although some bets in the game of dice can be made by yourself, do not rush to do so always. Carefully study the rules of the game, and in cases when you can’t bet on your own, ask the dealer to do it politely, previously putting the necessary amount of chips on the table and then take your hands off the table. Put your hands off the table so that you will not be accused of stealing. Some “smart” players, you know, steal chips from their own opponents until they see. So your hands should always be in the sight of the casino staff, but do not touch the cloth.


When you roll your own dice, you should roll them to the opposite side of the table. And you should not roll the bones on the surface of the table, but throw them in the air.

When the bones are in a “suspended” state, do not let your emotions go overboard.

A few funny stories when playing dice:

154 consecutive batches

In the first story the chances to win were 1 to 1.56 trillion. Once, an elderly lady Patricia Demauro stopped by the Atlantic City Casino in the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa, deciding to play dice. She had $100 in her pocket. Before this case, Patricia tried to play dice only once in her life, but, tired of slot machines, she took an orange cube and threw “for luck”.

After 4 hours and 18 minutes Demauro not only won all 154 games, but also broke the world record for the longest game of dice and the longest consecutive win. The woman chose to keep the winning amount a secret, but experts suggest that this is hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions. This is what luck means.

From victory to deportation

Many have heard the sad stories that happened to the players after they cashed their winnings. In the case of an Arizona resident, the problems began almost simultaneously with winning the jackpot at a local casino. The woman was happy to go to pick up her prize, but was asked to show her passport, which she did not have. A further survey revealed that she was in the United States illegally. The woman was not only denied a prize, but was also deported back to Mexico. Conclusion: Take care of legal identification to avoid such problems.

300,000 FedEx employees owe their jobs to the gemblings

Today, FedEx employs 300,000 people around the world. The transport company’s capital growth is $33 billion, and the personal assets of its founder and CEO, Fred Smith, are $2.1 billion.

If it weren’t for the blackjack party, the multi-billion dollar company might not have existed at all. In 1973, the company had $5000 in its bank account and $24,000 in debt. Thinking about imminent bankruptcy, Fred Smith decided to take the last money and try his luck in Vegas. Here, after the party, $5,000 turned into blackjack, and the amount was $27,000. It was on this day that Smith took the first step, which turned him into one of the richest people in the world.

Funny stories
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